Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Patreon and On

For some time now, I've wanted to write a book of Horror Culture reviews and essays--my own theories about the genre, as filtered through a lens of personal experience. Yesterday, I created a Patreon campaign page for this project, which will be called Dark Comforts. If you're interested in getting in on the ground floor, patronage-wise, you'll find it here ( You'll note in the pitch that when I start to produce said reviews and essays, they'll be going up here first in rough form, so one way or the other, this blog's content will hopefully start to swell.

Meanwhile, I also need to link to an incredible new(ish) review of Experimental Film recently posted by Nina Allan at Strange Horizons ( The whole thing is great, but I'm particularly struck by this quote:

"That motherhood is hard, that it does not always come naturally, is a fact that is not addressed in literature often enough. We can infer from Files's biography that she addresses it here from a place of deep personal experience. That the writing in these sections is so direct, so rich in insight, and so thoroughly unsentimental brings an aspect that works, once again, entirely in the novel's favour. In the confessional urgency of Files's narrative, in its emotional candour, I often found myself reminded of CaitlĂ­n R. Kiernan's writing, in her novel The Drowning Girl (2012) especially. I can think of no higher praise."

Me either! This makes me happy as hell.;)

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