Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014: Let's Try That Again

Hello, everybody--Gemma Files here. Since I've spectacularly failed to keep up my problog (this one) for the second year in a row, let's call third time a charm. Music At Midnight is once more open for business! So let's have all the news:

As of December, 2013, the entire Hexslinger Series has been collected and republished in an Omnibus Edition that's currently available from ChiZine Publications. E-book only thus far, I'm afraid; my publishers point out that a physical version of all three books would run over 900 pages long, especially if it included the almost 30,000 words' worth of supplemental short stories and novelettes that it comes attached to in electronic form ("Like A Bowl of Fire," "In Scarlet Town (Today)" and "Hexmas," all post-canon, starring Chess Pargeter and others). That said, if you want to lobby CZP for a collectors' edition, feel free. (I'd also really love to see the short pieces collected in a chap-book, which I think might be entirely doable.)

Meanwhile, I spent the last part of 2013 writing and assembling We Will All Go Down Together: A Novel in Stories About The Five-Family Coven, which I'm proud to say is finally finished and slated for (I believe) a summer release from CZP, probably in June or July. So I'll be starting a series of lead-up posts which discuss various elements of this mosaic tale--Canadian-ness, legends of the Fae, folk-singing, parapsychological research, King James's crusade against witches, tales of the Catholic saints and martyrs, the Five-Family Coven itself--before the book comes out, which should be fun. I'm both chuffed and a bit frightened to see it's already on a few people's lists of stuff they're looking forwards to this year, but as I've already noted, at least it's done. What happens now is more packaging and promotion than anything else.

And then there's the continuing problem of Experimental Film: A Novel. I failed to write this in 2013, much though I did try; however, I think I may have a method for it now, and I'm already hard at work. Given how scary I'm finding it to complete, who knows? This may well prove to be my masterpiece.;)

At any rate--sorry for the long silence. Look forward to sharing it all with you. Here we go, again.