Friday, May 24, 2013

Hey, all--

Well, it's a whole 'nother year...five months into one, in point of fact...and I've really let things go around here. A large part of that has to do with working on Experimental Film, which is frankly kicking my ass hard (as it should, I guess), but there are other factors at work as well: personal health issues, stress, fatigue, my son's ASD, etc. So I thought I would drop in with a few words about what I'm doing right now, and where to find me for the next little while.

I've been picking up a lot of reprint action, which is pleasant. My story "Kissing Carrion" will be reprinted in Dead North, an anthology of Canadian zombie fiction, in October, 2013. Ellen Datlow picked up my story "Spectral Evidence" for her Hauntings anthology, out right now. She also took my poems "Jar of Salts" and "Haruspicy" for Lovecraft's Monsters, due in 2014, and my story "Nanny Grey", from Solaris's Magic anthology, for Best Horror of the Year Volume 5. Very recently, Stephen Jones picked up my King in Yellow mythos story "Slick Black Bones and Soft Black Stars", from Miskatonic River Press's wonderful A Season in Carcosa, for the Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 24 anthology. That makes twice in a row that he's featured something of mine, which makes me feel all tingly, like I'm Joe Hill (or Simon Stranzas).

In terms of new work, I'm still waiting on A Mountain Walked from Centipede Press, which will feature my Lovecraftian novella "[anasazi]", and is edited by S.T. Joshi. My very short story "One In The Morning, And One At Night" will appear in the next issue of The Three-Lobed Burning Eye, while my  Thomas Ligotti tribute "Oubliette" will close out Miskatonic River Press's The Grimscribe's Puppets, which looks absolutely amazing (Joe S. Pulver Snr. edits, as with Carcosa). And for fans of my work involving supremely effed-up QUILTBAG relationships between dudes with magical powers, may I guide you towards what I've been calling my "Hammer Pirates" cycle? Written in non-linear order, the middle instalment, "Trap-Weed", will appear in Mike Allen's Kickstarter-funded Clockwork Phoenix 4, while the origin-story, "Two Captains", is coming later this year from Beneath Ceaseless Skies. I just sold what was supposed to be the final movement, "The Salt Wedding", to Kaleidotrope, which will have it up early next year.

Okay, so...that's it, basically. I'll be at World Horror this year, and I'll also be at Readercon. I'm teaching my first online horror-writing course, in order to raise funds for the Shirley Jackson Awards. Everything is sort of coming up just around the corner, constantly hitting me in the face, and I'm moving from deadline to deadline. But this is frankly nothing new, so; there you go.

I'll try to make myself more available here, but do surf by the non-professsional TMI blog (my LJ) if you want more regular updates. All best.