Monday, November 2, 2015

The Rue Morgue spotlight article and interview with me about Experimental Film is now available! (!Lovecraft-turns-125-in-RUE-MORGUE-161-November-2015-issue/cjds/562a6acf0cf2f4d93f162199) This makes for a lovely capper to Hallowe'en Week, though the night itself was predictably exhausting. As of Thursday, meanwhile, Steve and I will be travelling down to Saratoga Springs, New York to attend World Horror Con 2015. Fingers crossed that physical copies of the book will be available by then. We're entering the last stage of the process now, and I'm just as happy.

In other news, we're finally at the end of the Litreactor course, though I assume things will muddle along for a week or more. The response, overall, has been very positive, and i'm happy with the work people have done for me; hope they feel the same. A lot of these submissions can be genuinely made viable with just a few small tweaks.

In other OTHER news, I've blazed my way through Soren Narnia's frankly brilliant Knifepoint Horror podcast ( Somebody called these the aural equivalent of found-footage, and maybe that's true in that they have a documentary-style immediacy, but the effect is far more subtle and directed. Each is framed like a memoir or court testimony, beginning with someone announcing their name and giving a bit of background, then launching into a tale which quickly builds the open-ended nightmare logic of classic Aickman. You're never entirely sure where you're going to end up, and I love that. (Also available on iTunes, for free. Totally worth it.)

I'm counting the Narnia as research, because I have pending stories, not to mention the next novel to think about. But I guess we'll see.;)