Friday, February 16, 2018

Publication Day!

Finally some new stuff. My first collection from Trepidatio Publishing/JournalStone, Spectral Evidence, is out today. Here's the ordering link (, and here's the gorgeous cover:

Would you believe that was crowd-sourced? Well, it was! Daaaamn, there are some clever people out there.;)

At any rate: With new books come new interviews and at least one piece of reprinted fiction. Without further ado, Hellnotes interview is here (, while my Postscripts To Darkness interview is here ( To read my extremely short story about a haunted rug, "Gabbeh," go here ( Admire the gorgeous accompanying art!


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  2. I like your poetry but can't find how to purchase "Dust Radio" and "Bent Under Night". Can you help me with that? Thank you and best regards.

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