Monday, July 18, 2016

Locus Review Now Up

I added a direct link to John Langan's flattering Locus review of Experimental Film, which they've now put up on the Web, possibly because of me winning the SJA. You'll find it in the side column, or here:

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  1. Quickly, I didn't see a personal email, Course I have so many things blocked on my computer that maybe that is why.
    But I wanted to say Thanks for a another great story I read of yours last night(which one, Oh it's a mystery) but it's the second one of yours I ranked 4 stars which believe me is rare indeed to my liking's.

    So even though I just found out you are a Canuky and probably consider yourself a higher standard than the average bear if you are for foriegn invaders coming to plunder in your neck of the woods. I still have to say Thanks.

    And that is rare, not that I don't wish to do so all day, every day long.