Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm-A Gonna Tell Ya How It's Gonna Be...

We're moving towards a shiny new era, here at Music at Midnight: Actual content! Yes, boys and girls, there really is no earthly point in maintaining a “professional” blog if you don't actually put stuff in there on a fairly regular basis, and believe you me, I get that. I guess I could stamp my little foot and say: But I've been working, which I have, but that really is no excuse, because I'm always working. There is no point at which I am not working, these days. So yeah, no.;)

Okay, so: Here's what you're going to see, over the next month or so—

1. Interstitial posts about A Tree of Bones: Volume Three of the Hexslinger Series, as we ramp up to publication. Think I'll probably start with the usual playlist post and go from there, but look for later coverage of the problems inherent in writing multi-part action scenes, breakdowns of Camp Pink, Bewelcome, the Underworld and the Hen Party camp, plus the long-awaited Hex City post, with sketches of all sorts of new and old characters along the way.

2. Reviews of various other things I like, starting with cow/steam/magicpunk webcomic Next Town Over (, though this will definitely branch out into things far beyond the realm of the Weird Western.

3. Meta: This could be me talking about various projects, or various issues, or any of the stuff I more often raise over in established spaces like my Livejournal ( Smurfette Syndrome in mainstream TV shows, for example, or the challenge of trying to write something strikingly different from what I'm now best “known” for. Or hey, the debatable foolishness of continuing to write fanfiction even though I'm supposedly past that stage in my professional evolution (tell that to the 15,000+ words' worth of Lackadaisy slash I pumped out while finishing the last part of Tree). All that.

These things will probably come your way three times a week, though I don't want to promise anything about when those three times might turn out to be. Call it the reason why I kept being defeated by the idea of doing a serial novel, David Wellington-style; it's hard enough for me to make myself write the deadlined stuff, without making myself write things I set my own deadline for.

All right, back to that short story I have to get done sometime in the next two days...

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