Monday, July 18, 2011

New Reviews: A Rope of Thorns/A Book of Tongues

I'm consistently amazed by how long the recognition tail on A Book of Tongues has been, thus far, and--given the initial distribution/release problems with A Rope of Thorns--can only hope this state of affairs will continue with the other two (especially once I'm actually done with A Tree of Bones).

But I've been really negligent in terms of linking to new reviews of either, so here we go:

A Book of Tongues
KV Taylor at Goodreads (
Cory Redekop's Shelf-Monkey (
Andrea Blythe (
Inside the Reader's Studio (
CSI:Librarian (
A Rope of Thorns
Sonar4 Landing Dock Reviews (
Library Journal [be prepared to scroll down] (
Jene Moore's The (Hopeful) Librarian (
Cory Redekop's Shelf-Monkey (

Thanks to's amazing.;)

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  1. Nice set of reviews! Writers should always aim to have a long tail for their books. With a good novel like yours, word gets around and people pick it up. It takes time, though. I often buy a book months or even years after someone convinces me to read it!