Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sales and Re-Sales

So now it can be told: My story "Hell Friend" will appear in Clockwork Phoenix 3, which makes two years in a row. Coincidentally, So now it can be told, Part Deux: Ellen Datlow has accepted "each thing i show you is a piece of my death", from Clockwork Phoenix 2, for reprint in Year's Best Horror #2. My co-author/husband Stephen J. Barringer and I are both far beyond pleased; it's the sort of peer recognition which means an incredible amount, and a wonderful way to cap off 2009 proper. Crazy, amazing year, especially given where I was this time in 2008.

Meanwhile, I'm also chuffed as hell to note that (as promised) asakiyume has written up a very flattering preview of A Book of Tongues in her LJ, hoping to aid in the general push to get more people ordering copies. You can find it here ( So thank you very, very much, Francesca; you've made me blush. Which is also a pretty damn good way to feel, first thing on a cold Toronto morning.;)

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